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Help with Rent, Security Deposit, Utility Bills

Starshine started this conversation

Many people come here in need of help with rent, security deposits and help with utlility bills to name a few. Althought this won't solve everyone's problems it may help some.

Here are some places you may recieve help and remember that many people apply so you take a chance and hope your needs are meet to some degree.

Has helped with rent and car repair before from a few people I know. You can apply on line to see if they can help you and if you meet the qualifications.

Is another source for assistance and I know of  three people here that have applied and know a person very active with the with the organization.

Here are a few of the programs they St. Vincent de Pauls helps out with. See the link for your nearest one to see if and what they can help you with. There are more programs they help out with at the link above. 

# Food programs
# Emergency financial assistance
# Emergency transportation
# Disaster relief and victim services
# Rent/mortgage assistance
# Low-cost housing

I have applied here before and it is a one time shot at applying. They were not able to help me but read the stories to see if they can help you.

You can make up to three wishes and best if they are under $100 each. You can check the catagories to see which you like to put your wish in. 

Then I found a place JewishFamilyServices and if you put those words into for your nearest one they may be able to help you. One person on this site came from Indiana to California and they helped with a security deposit and the security deposit they recieved was under $500. 

ON UTILITIES: Phone, electric and gas. Call your local companies for each as they all have a program for low income people and be sure to get on them if you meet their requirements. I have been on the program and off them since living in California.  Remember to turn off what you aren't using and unplug things like microwave that you aren't using as they do draw energy when plugged in...

The last two I tried long ago but never stuck with them. You can try them.

Then you can always apply for hud housing, section8 or housing authority and get on the waiting list.

If you need more information see my blog at

Wishing us all the best during these tough times to get the help we need.

Take care everyone and be sure to help your neighbors in some way...



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My family and I could use some help! Our landlord defaulted on the mortgage for the place we are living in and we are being forced to move. We need a little help with the moving costs. Even if you can't donate could you please share my link on your social networking sites so that someone else who might be able to help out will see it? That's all I'm asking is for you to share my fundraiser link. Thank you!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jmajor
The person u posted to not been on here in a very long time. Call 211 all we can do is give u information where u made get help if they got the funds
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i looking for pay my bill
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notimetospare   in reply to woman in a shoe
hi, woman in a shoe. i live in west palm beach fl and i have call all around searching for help for rental deposit assistant. all i can hear dont have the funds. do u happen to know any other places i can get in touch with. me my mother and sister is in help badly.
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Hello I'm a single mom with 3 younger children. I just receive mi section8 voucher but also just lost my job and need help wit my security deposit.... Please is there anybody that can help me with my problem.
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meya364   in reply to ghjjg
I'm looking for assistance to pay my rent.
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ghjjg   in reply to meya364
Contact habitat for humanity

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I'm single with no kids, so I don't qualify for any government assistance. Work part time because my mother is sick and has nobody but me to help take care of her. Had to use rent and bill money for her doctor's visit and prescriptions. My rent is over due and I have a cut off notice. If there's any options or any way I can receive some help please let me know? Thank you for your time and cooperation.
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I have two (2) children with disabilities. My living conditions are horrific my roof is leaking, the electric stove is smoking, my refrigerator isn't working. I'M RENTING PLEADING FOR HELP. TRYING TO MOVE

Any Type of help is highly APPRECIATED!!!
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lulu71   in reply to sonshinesas
H20 Norfolk social services offers assistance with water bill I think it has to be under $400 I've used them in the past.
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lady bugg1522
I've been told have faith an ask an u shall recieve seek an u shall be given an hope an u will find an have patience an its a vertue an ure luck will go a long way
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lady bugg1522
Hi I'm a single mom with a 7month old baby an I have been living in motels for t3months about I finally found a apartment an I don't have enough funds between formula supers an my self to be able to provide my deposit of 400 dollars I need help if u can help me an my boy it will provide a proper roof over my an his head an a better life style for mybbaby's head if u can help please an thanks keep us in ure prayers reaching out to the community is all all I can do I have no family left to look to thank u an god bless
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I need help with my security deposit . But im moving from pg. To Va. Already got apt#& building where do I go
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sonshinesas   in reply to fedup22
Sadly there isn't any help found for water bills regardless where you live.
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I needed help with my water and l couldnt find any where in amarillo to help.this is the worst city to get help in for elderly or single parents in need
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Ejtaylor   in reply to littlelacie
Norwich connecticut new London county and I've tried telling them and they just gave me a pamphlet and told me to look for help....I know this is my fault just need help this once and I WONT let it happen again
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littlelacie   in reply to Ejtaylor
Please post your address- city, state and county, we then might be able to locate an agency that might be able to help you, if funds are available. There is no cash on this site, only people that want help and people who want to try to help them.
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sonshinesas   in reply to Ejtaylor
If this is your last chance you are in a bad situation, no money or funding here only information. Call and let them know you have some cash and want to work out a payment plan.
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My power has been shut off they said $1000 I can have it turned back on but I can only come up with half. I have 4 children and have been living in the house with them for a week now with no power. My husband blames me and wants nothing to do with me, so now I'm on my own with 4 children! I've tried calling everyone and can get no help. I'm ready to give up, this site is my last chance :(
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woman in a shoe   in reply to roge
Call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with have pen and paper when u call
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